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Posted on 09-26-2016

We all need Maintenance care, we get our hair cut or done, go to the gym, we see our M.D. for physicals, we go to dermatologists to make sure a mole is just a mole. Chiropractic is no different and perhaps even more important. This body is the only one we have in this life, we try to feed it well to stay active and healthy, try to maintain our body with exercise, but with the stress of work, kids, schedules, and laundry our body needs to be re-aligned from time to time, much like your car but far more complex. That's why chiropractors spend 648 more hours learning about the human body than your traditional M.D.

Chiropractors specialize in fine tuning the most complex organic machine on the planet, your body! Chiropractors specialize in Subluxations:


/sub·lux·a·tion/ (sub″luk-sa´shun)

Any mechanical impediment to nerve function; originally, a vertebral displacement believed to impair nerve function.

This can be any number of rotations, tilts, or shifts particularly to the spinal vertebrae. Your spine houses the electrical highway of your body. All communications to and from the immune system, organs, muscles, tendons and joints in your body travel through the nervous system to your spinal cord up to or from your brain. If you are subluxated any number of problems can occur, dizziness, nausea, pain, stiffness, organ issues, bladder problems, respiratory problems and a host of other ailments.

Dr. Shaw has 35 years of experience of successfully correcting spinal subluxations and helping to maintain skeletal structure.

$35.00 New Patient Special.

Call: (951) 695-1176

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I want to tell you Thank You, But it doesnt seem enough. Please know how much you help me, with our Chiropractic stuff. When I leave our office, I run laugh and play. And because of you, I enjoy each and everyday!

Noel Clarke 2014
Temecula, CA

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