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Maintenance is very important, we maintain our cars, house and yards everyday, our bodies are no different.

Our bodies are one of the most complicated, intricate and amazing organic machines on the planet. With diet, exercise, and rest we help to maintain our bodies. One more step to caring for and maintaining your body is Chiropractic care.

If your spine is out of place or compressed; signals do not get the rest of the bodies vital functions and systems begin to fail. Chiropractic can help to keep the information highway open and flowing through specific spinal adjustments. This helps to not only keep you out of pain and your body functioning properly, but to keep your immune system healthy and your mind alert.

Your brain is the information control center to your body, the spinal cord is the information highway shuttling signals throughout your body.The spine is made up of 24 separate bones that are cushioned with discs between each one. Your nervous system branches out to the rest of your body through the spine. 

Our Chiropractic maintenance plans start as low as $90.00 a month.

Call today to start adding years to your life and life to your years through Chiropractic. 

Shaw Chiropractic

26810 Ynez Ct. Ste. D

Temecula, Ca 92591

Ph:(951) 695-1176

Fax: (951) 695-2096


Exclusive Offer

$45 Initial Exam, Digital X-Rays and Report of Findings.

THIS ---->https://drearlshawdccom.chiromatrixbase.com/index.php

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I want to tell you Thank You, But it doesnt seem enough. Please know how much you help me, with our Chiropractic stuff. When I leave our office, I run laugh and play. And because of you, I enjoy each and everyday!

Noel Clarke 2014
Temecula, CA

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