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We value our patients' experience at Shaw Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr Earl Shaw
Your Temecula Chiropractor


Dr. Shaw has been a practicing Chiropractor in Temecula for 37 years, we have treated thousands of patients and seen amazing results! Please read our success stories below.


DR SHAW HAS HEALING hands. I suffered from Vertigo which in my case severe Vertigo. Dr Shaw has healed me from it my dizziness and vision and now I'm on maintenance with Dr Shaw I couldn't drive or use my sewing machine and now I can. Your a blessing to my health thank you so much Dr Shaw ā¤


I was erecting a steel gazebo in my backyard when I fell off a 4 foot ladder on to my left side.

I have never experienced such extreme pain.

The hospital MRI showed nothing was broken. They discharged me with pain medication. My Primary Physician would not let me take this due to a pre-exsisting  health condition. He prescribed Physical Therapy. A week later NO improvement and NO pain reduction.

I used a walker to get around, but still sleeping only 2 hours a night on a heating pad.

I called my Health Care Insurance for a Chiropractor. They referred me to Dr. Shaw.

After 1 Adjustment by Dr. Shaw I replaced my walker with a cane.

After the 3rd Adjustment I was sleeping 6+ hours without a heating pad.

After the 4th adjustment I felt so good and without pain I walked out from my adjustment and forgot my cane.

Today 5/20/16 I have NO PAIN, I am without medication and I am walking 1 mile a day to regain lost strength!

~Micheal North~


"Dr. Shaw,

I brought my son, Jacob, to you in the summer of 1998, shortly after he was born. He had some neck trauma during birth and his pediatrician, Dr. Becker, referred us to you. I was barely 18 years old raising this little boy on my own. You were very caring and offered to charge me a smaller fee so that it was affordable. 3 adjustments later, my tiny little baby could move his neck without restriction! I have told my story to and referred many people including my ex husband Greg Laher. He was sitting at a red light and was struck from behind from a woman driving at a high rate of speed. Greg suffered whiplash as you could imagine, and came to you for treatment. Greg was just as pleased as I with your services. It makes me very happy to know that you have remained practicing in town and kept a great reputation all these years. I've attached a picture of my son as a newborn and a picture of him now, almost 16 years old."

Thank you so much for the life changing work you do!"

God bless, Rebecca

Autism Unlocked

"My son Issac is five years old and he's autistic! Before I brought him to Dr. Shaw he randomly spoke a few words. He really wouldn't socialize much with other people. He had difficulty understanding verbal language. Only after a couple of visits with Dr. Shaw my husband and I noticed a huge difference. He began to speak a lot more. He's talking all the time. He even began saying full sentances. He understands a lot more verbal language. He will apporach new people and greet them. I feel that Chiropractic treatment has definitely helped my child, I'm very pleased with the improvement I have seen in my son."

Thank you very much, Mrs. Nuno


"I use to be awakened from a sound sleep by terrible sharp head pains. During a normal day my head would be pounding to the point I would cry.

Now after a few adjustments from Dr. Shaw I can sleep soundly and can make it all day without a headache. I can now keep up with my son and really enjoy life."



"My neck pain started in 1975 with a broken neck. Since than I have spent lots of time and money on doctors and therapy with no results. I have also been on several medications. The results were not good and I was still in pain. I started with Dr. Shaw and after several adjustment  I now can sleep, ride my bike, dance and go for walks with no pain."


Ear Infections & Tonsillitis Gone

"I brought my Grandson to see Dr. Shaw because he kept having ear infections and tonsillitis. Thomas is two years old. Thomas was always taking medicine which we were not fond of, and had constant Doctor appointments.

Since coming to see Dr. Shaw for about 3 months, Thomas has not had one ear infection, or had to visit a medical doctor for drugs!! He is doing wonderful, and he loves to go see Dr. Shaw!"

Mrs. Call / Temecula

"I want to tell you Thank You, But it doesnt seem enough. Please know how much you help me, with our Chiropractic stuff. When I leave our office, I run laugh and play. And because of you, I enjoy each and everyday!"

Noel Clarke 2014

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I want to tell you Thank You, But it doesnt seem enough. Please know how much you help me, with our Chiropractic stuff. When I leave our office, I run laugh and play. And because of you, I enjoy each and everyday!

Noel Clarke 2014
Temecula, CA

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